1st Apr 2019

Richard sees Woking from a different perspective

Richard Field climbs the tower

On Tuesday morning I had the privilege of climbing the New Woking Towers - well I got the lift cage to the 15th floor and climbed the stairs to the 22nd floor.

I was pleased to hear that the construction is on schedule ready for final completion in Easter 2021 but with the retail units opening for Christmas 2020.

With 350 guys onsite (20 female) at the moment rising to approx 750 at its peak as you can imagine H&S is a high priority together with staff welfare and both were very well addressed.

If fact they have installed a welfare / mindfulness room on the hotel car park level.

You may feel sorry for the poor crane operators up there in the sky some 100m up but there is a team of guys who do 5 hour shifts, so it's not that bad.

The bathrooms for the hotel rooms were interesting and yes the bathrooms are ready to go in. The bathroom comes in the form of a cube and is then just slotted in - very clever.

And yes before you ask they are concerned about Brexit and parts not arriving from Europe in time so they are taking the precaution of getting many of the parts onsite early, but there is only so much space to hold parts.

There haven't been too many hick-ups - well that's what they told me. One being the centre column of the old Red car park was found to hold communication masts so they are waiting for a contractor to arrive and relocate them before further demolition of the car park can take place.

On a more uplifting note the view from the top of the hotel was amazing I was able to see not only the Wembley Arch but also the London sky line very clearly as we were blessed with beautiful clear blue skies that morning.

Yes Woking is changing and when the new development is completed Woking will certainly stand out bringing more business into the town for us local businesses to tap into and grow.

 Richard Field, Fields Car Centre