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Offer from: Pro-actions

Limited places left on our 12 month 'Mini MBA' buisness workshop programme

Ends: Friday 28th May 2021

The next Pro-actions 'Mini MBA' programme is due to start on 3rd June 2021 and we are offering a 10% discount to Woking Chamber of Commerce members.

This is a comprehensive 12 month programme of business management skills training, in a small group of up to ten like minded participants where you will get to learn and implement your own:
- Strategy and Goals
- Marketing Strategy and Plan
- Sales Process
- Organisational Structure and Design
- Financial Management
- Budgeting and Forecasting
- Measurement and KPIs

Feedback from previous attendees:

"This is a great programme which provides an excellent overview of how to most effectively run a small business. It offers the opportunity for personal learning & development as well as practical application and the content is applicable and valuable to all sectors."

"We had a fabulous group and always provided for great conversation around the topics. The sessions being segmented were very helpful as it allowed me to keep the focus and get stuck in each time. The follow up session in between keeps you accountable."

We're taking bookings up to Friday 28th May.

Please contact if you or anyone you know would like to find out more.


Offer Code: WokingChamber Pro-actions_210506

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Offer from:

Corporate Exec Day ONE team only in our independent venue - mindfulness or meditation session included with every Corporate booking!

Ends: Monday 5th July 2021

Corporate Exec Day ONE team only in our independent venue - mindfulness or meditation session included with every Corporate booking!Ready for Face2face strategising with your company/team?
Come to Woodhaven space - your local independent eco-venue for exclusive use of our multiple presentation suites/rooms & garden with bespoke cuisine - an exceptional experience not just a unique venue

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Offer Code: WokingChamber Woodhaven.space_210506

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Offer from: Herbalife Nutrition

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample pack

Ends: Wednesday 30th June 2021

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample packFeel the difference when you have a healthy balanced breakfast. More energy, better concentration. Get a free Wellness Profile - body fat, muscle, hydration, metabolic age. Time and location to suit


Offer Code: WokingChamber Herbalife Nutrition_190214

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Offer from: Core Value Services

Feel Energised

Ends: Monday 31st May 2021

Feel EnergisedSpring is here
ENJOY the Outdoors
We can move more outdoors to feel energised and refreshed after a walk, run, bike ride or other outdoors activity.
Looking for motivation and energising indoors classes…..I am offering 1-2-1, couples, small groups and classes for low impact session and over 55's are welcome to join:
Fitness Pilates ( a full body workout including core strength)
Beginners Pilates ( Basic principles of Pilates for strengthening core & and back & improving posture)
Pilates ( mixed level work for core and posture strength including mobility and stretches)
Chair Pilates ( for everyone but in particular over 55 if you don’t like to be on the floor or for re-hab)
Yoga (gentle stretches, deep breathing and guided meditation)

Please call Bea for more information/consultation 07941220815 or 07941220815


Offer Code: WokingChamber Core Value Services_171212

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Offer from: HR Dept Woking and Guildford

How can The HR Dept Woking & Guildford help your business?

Ends: Wednesday 30th June 2021

How can The HR Dept Woking & Guildford help your business?How is your business doing? You may be in growth mode or recovery mode but you need to ensure that your people planning is geared towards achieving this.
Understanding the best way to improve productivity means knowing what is needed. This is where the HR Dept Woking & Guildford can help you make the right decisions that will support your business.
In an uncertain world, we provide our clients with certainty relating to the right support and guidance. So many employers are not getting advice to take the correct steps, even those with in-house HR teams are getting it wrong!
Don't make a mistake that you might regret and that could be incredibly expensive for your business.
If you want to discuss, happy to have a call to provide guidance, please get in touch on 01483 603001 or email.


Offer Code: WokingChamber HR Dept Woking and Guildford_210503

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Offer from: A-HEAD for Success

Breakthrough Session

Ends: Monday 31st May 2021

Breakthrough SessionIf you're feeling stuck about a particular aspect of your business or your life, and are struggling to know what to do, my Breakthrough Session may be what you need.

Still unsure? Then see if one of the following is true for you:

You're feeling up against it, and are unable to see a way out.

Something precious to you is starting to fall apart.

A particular situation or issue is getting increasingly out of hand.

You're not as on top of things as you'd like to be, and know you can be.

Whether the issue you most need to handle relates to your personal or business life - and very often it's not what you think it is - you may be surprised just how much we can achieve in a single session.

The Breakthrough Session works. And here's why.

It's three hours dedicated to you: I've found this to be an optimal time for achieving an outcome in a single intensive, confidential session
We get to the root of it: What often needs identifying is the issue beneath the issue. By understanding current challenges and past patterns, new options emerge.

We identify practical steps: Insight alone is not enough. Typically, I guide my clients towards those steps that will empower them and transform what follows.

Ready to move on? Get in touch today.

I'm here to enable you to overcome your blocks and bring about lasting and sustainable change.

In the first instance, please call me, Tricia Woolfrey, on 0345 130 0854 for an initial no-obligation chat.


Offer Code: WokingChamber A-HEAD for Success_200629

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Offer from: Turpin Barker Armstrong

Solve your cashflow problem - Free Consultation

Ends: Monday 31st May 2021

Solve your cashflow problem - Free ConsultationWe understand having financial stress in your life can be a worrying time, so we offer a free, confidential appointment to discuss your situation putting you back in control of your life. We can reassure you and guide you along the best path possible as our insolvency practitioners have dealt with every insolvency situation.

Book on-line using the weblink below


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Offer from: Awesome Tech Training

Introduction to digital marketing for small businesses

Ends: Wednesday 9th June 2021

Introduction to digital marketing for small businessesThe range of digital marketing tools on offer these days can be overwhelming. It’s easy to find yourself paralysed into indecision, not sure which options are the best for you, or where best to focus limited resources. If that sounds familiar then this webinar is for you.

This free webinar is a ‘back to basics’ look at digital marketing specifically aimed at small businesses who want to better understand how to use digital marketing to find new clients whilst building better relationships with existing customers.

Our focus is on small businesses who need to make sure they get the biggest bang for their marketing buck. You can’t afford to do everything so how do you decide where to focus? Book your free place on this webinar now and we’ll help you answer this and other common marketing questions.


Offer Code: WokingChamber Awesome Tech Training_210422

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Offer from: Springhouse Solicitors Ltd

Complimentary 30-minute Employment Law Consultation for Businesses

Ends: Saturday 22nd May 2021

Complimentary 30-minute Employment Law Consultation for BusinessesAre you uncertain as to how to bring your staff back to work after furlough? Do your employees have questions about returning to work that you cannot answer? Do you need to update contracts or policies/procedures. Considering redundancies?

We would like to give businesses a 30 minute consultation with an expert employment law specialist.

Call 0330 124 7818 to make an appointment. We\'ll help to answer those burning questions and give you peace of mind.


Offer Code: WokingChamber Springhouse Solicitors Ltd_210128

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Offer from: HubFiiT

25% Off New Health, Wellness & Fitness App - Train from home or the Gym!

Ends: Saturday 19th June 2021

25% Off New Health, Wellness & Fitness App - Train from home or the Gym!To busy for the Gym?
Want to start your fitness journey, but unsure of how or what to do?
Would like an alternative to what you currently do?
Would you like to improve your health and wellbeing?

Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle with HubFiiT.
With our experienced coaches supporting you on your fitness journey through, working out has never been more fun. HubFiiT allows you to train with your friends, family, and work colleagues anywhere & anytime, at home or the gym! Our app offers members the ability to choose from 10,000+ VOD & exercise routines, where you can track your progress and earn badges, all at your fingertips! Push yourself by taking part in our challenges, or if you are looking to implement new lifestyle habits, take part in our mind & body reset plans.
Fitness is just one element of overall Wellness, which is why we provide members with a library of Fresh & Lean (w) Dean, video on demand methods to help you prepare delicious healthy food options. Our in-built nutrition tracker allows you to keep track of your calories and macronutrients, you can use our in-built programme designer to build your own workout programmes or pick a predesigned programme from the library!

PDF Download


Offer Code: WokingChamber HubFiiT_210420

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Offer from: TP Legal Ltd

Free 30-Minute Employment Law Consultation for Pub Owners

Ends: Friday 21st May 2021

Free 30-Minute Employment Law Consultation for Pub OwnersAre you a pub owner reopening your business after months in lockdown? Are you facing or likely to be facing difficult questions and issues from your employees or workers?

We are offering a free 30-minute consultation for employers in the pub sector to discuss these matters and ensure the effective running of their businesses.

If you would like to make use of this opportunity, contact us on 01483 668827 or by email to make an appointment.


Offer Code: WokingChamber TP Legal Ltd_210409

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Offer from: Ecoprod

How to ensure that your water is safe before your business reopens - free white paper

Ends: Saturday 15th May 2021

How to ensure that your water is safe before your business reopens - free white paperHopefully over the next few weeks and months we will slowly see the reopening of hundreds of thousands of businesses. Clearly employers, staff and customers will still be vigilant and PPE and social distance will be with us for some time. But as buildings and sites reopen, we will face a new threat. Many buildings were closed suddenly and have been left vacant for months. This means that stagnant water has been sitting in pipes and boilers and appliances. Tap water is chlorinated in the UK to prevent bacterial growth, but the effects of the chlorine will have worn off and biofilms and bacteria will be building up in water systems.Water contamination can kill, especially when Legionella bacteria are present.It is essential that businesses think about water quality and take action before they reopen buildings. Employers and landlords have a legal duty of care to staff and customers, and specific duties to prevent exposure to Legionella.This note gives some guidance on the actions businesses should take before reopening, so that they can bounce back from lockdown with as few problems as possible.

The guide is free and available for download from our website with a number of other water safety materials


Offer Code: WokingChamber Ecoprod_201126

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Offer from: British Bee Charity

A New Hobby ??

Ends: Saturday 5th June 2021

A New Hobby ??Ever thought about becoming a beekeeper, come and join us at our Hoebridge apiary.

Become a member (£30 per year) and receive free training, children welcome also.

Please email or call Greg 07770761658

We will provide bee suits for the first couple of months.


Offer Code: WokingChamber British Bee Charity_210406

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Offer from: Red Sentence Ltd

Need a new website?

Ends: Sunday 30th May 2021

Does your business have the website it deserves?

As we come out of lockdown we are offering all Woking Chamber of Commerce members 10% off our website design and development services. Packages start from £1300 + VAT.

We also have flexible monthly payment plans available.

Contact the team for a quote today.


Offer Code: WokingChamber Red Sentence Ltd_210331

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Offer from: TVision Technology Ltd

Sick of spreadsheets? Want effective ERP?

Ends: Tuesday 25th May 2021

Sick of spreadsheets? Want effective ERP?Are you are tired of analysing business data from a range of sources? Do you want a single solution? Get in touch to learn about Business Central, a powerful Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform that allows improved productivity. With no more siloed data, you can make better informed business decisions.

TVision is a Woking based organisation established over 20 years ago, and we have implemented over 300 successful ERP projects.

Call 01483 751888 or email to arrange a demo and discuss your specific requirements.


Offer Code: WokingChamber TVision Technology Ltd_210325

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