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Offer from: Awesome Tech Training

“Getting started with WordPress” – Free webinar – 28th September 10am

Ends: Tuesday 28th September 2021

This webinar will give you a general introduction to WordPress. It’s aimed at people who either have an existing WordPress site that they’re not confident using it, or those who want to build a new site using WordPress and want some guidance on how to get started.

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world, used by almost 35% of all the websites in the world, but it’s not always the most user friendly interface, particularly for new users.

Join us for this FREE webinar to learn more about WordPress, how it works and whether it’s right for you.
• What is WordPress?
• How to install and set up WordPress
• Finding your way around the WordPress backend interface
• How WordPress organises website content
o Pages
o Posts
o Media
• Adding new pages to your site or editing the pages you already have
• Managing the look and feel of your site using themes
• Adding functionality to your site using plugins and widgets


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Offer from: Herbalife Nutrition

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample pack

Ends: Sunday 31st October 2021

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample packFeel the difference when you have a healthy balanced breakfast. More energy, better concentration. Get a free Wellness Profile - body fat, muscle, hydration, metabolic age. Time and location to suit


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Offer from: Core Value Services

Full body low impact fitness FREE Trial

Ends: Thursday 30th September 2021

Full body low impact fitness FREE TrialFree trial for online Pilates or Yoga session
Pilates, Yoga (gentle incl. Meditation)Groups and 1-2-1 Fitness Pilates available online to practice from the convenience of your home or office. Adults all age are welcome.
Beginners welcome!!… See more
Online Pilates and Yoga and Chair Pilates for adults all ages.

Offer Code: WokingChamber Core Value Services_170629

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Offer from: Chrysalis Partners Consulting Ltd

Here's How You Can Grow Your Profits Affordably And Effectively...

Ends: Sunday 31st October 2021

Here's How You Can Grow Your Profits Affordably And Effectively...Today’s environment means budgets are tight, time is squeezed and re-assurance is needed before investing. But how can you get the expert advice and guidance you need to seize the opportunities and manage the risks that are relevant for your business NOW?

The popular Chrysalis Partners Coaching Essentials Programme is an affordable option for businesses looking for personal and practical help to stabilise, grow and develop.

This fully managed, 6-month Programme is designed to have the immediate impact of improved business performance whilst at the same time implementing the building blocks for long term success.

Structured Programme Management ensures the program is kept on track, and regular, personal Coaching Calls ensure strategies are properly introduced, understood, adapted and implemented into the business to achieve tangible and sustainable results.

Contact Colin McLachlan on 07801 233293 or e-mail to find out how this could benefit your business.


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Offer from: Powwer Business Utilities

A one-hour consultation to assess the costs for business energy and business communications (Phone Lines, Broadband)

Ends: Thursday 30th September 2021

A one-hour consultation to assess the costs for business energy and business communications (Phone Lines, Broadband)Optimising expenses for Business Utilities.
• High costs for Business Energy?
• Broadband speeds holding you back?
At Powwer, we will reduce utility costs and greatly improve Internet speeds.
Get a better bang for your buck.

A one-hour consultation to assess the costs for business energy and business communications (Phone Lines, Broadband). Do your broadband speeds match what you are paying for ?

Business Broadband
Surprisingly, many small businesses are getting lower broadband speeds than existing cabling will provide. Our business-class broadband will reclaim this lost performance.

What we do different. We will demonstrate: -
• The actual speeds you are getting today.
• The speeds we can provide.
• These speeds will become a contractual Guarantee.

Why does this happen ?
Some Broadband providers share YOUR available speeds with neighbouring businesses.
This is common.
In our experience, 60% of customers do not get the full speed available – Is your business the same?

Based on actual customer data and using our standard uncapped service, on average we have trebled (3X) their broadband speeds. (2020/21 customer data).
We Guarantee it.
Let us show you what we can do.

Business Energy
Because of energy price inflation, forward buying your business energy can be very advantageous. We can secure you a contract price up to 12 months before your current contract expires meaning your energy costs are price protected into the future.

At Powwer, we have no axe to grind with any Energy company, we are utterly independent. We will scour the market to find the best deals and present these options.
You decide which deal suits you, leave the rest to us.

We’ll do the research – You enjoy the savings.

Offer Code: WokingChamber Powwer Business Utilities_210820

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Offer from: HubFiiiT


Ends: Saturday 25th September 2021

FREE WELLNESS DAYWe take care of your most important asset's, YOUR EMPLOYEES!

As we slowly build back to normal, now more than ever is time to invest in your health. HubFiiiT would like to support you and colleagues in starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle. We would like to partner with you and offer Free Wellness Days for your employees and members. Below is what HubFiiiT can offer:

What is HubFiiiT?

HubFiiiT is the app that connects people to socialise, build relationships, gain extensive knowledge in all thing’s health, wellness & fitness, whilst keeping fit and smashing your fitness goals! Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle with HubFiiiT.

With our experienced coaches supporting you on your fitness journey throughout, working out has never been more fun.
HubFiiiT allows you to train with your friends, family, and work colleagues anywhere, anytime, at home or the gym!

Our app offers members the ability to choose from 10,000+ VOD & exercise routines, all at your fingertips!

Learn how to cook quick, easy, nutritious recipes with our library of interactive on demand videos with our Chef!

Stay connected with our interactive community hub and connect with our coaches and members, getting the support you need on your fitness journey.

What we can offer you:

Wellness Day - FREE

Ever Wondered what you’re made of?

We will come and visit your office, and offer a full body MOT, complete with our INBODY specialised scales, testing blood pressure, BMI, body fat % and more.

Exercise helps improve concentration, enhances creativity and energy which mixed brings out the best performance in employees. Exercise can also help decrease stress, improve sleep and general wellbeing, minimising time off due to burn out

Corporate Discount

We offer an exclusive Corporate Discount, which will entitle you and all your employees / companies in Spaces to 50% discount off of our monthly membership!

Team Building Event

Participate in a private live streamed class - a great team building experience - or we can offer this at your workspace

Reward your staff by investing in them!

PDF Download


Offer Code: WokingChamber HubFiiiT_210526

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