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Offer from: Chrysalis Partners Consulting Ltd

Do You Need To Get More Out Of Your Business? FREE 45-Minute Consultation For Owners Seeking Rapid Performance Improvement

Ends: Tuesday 31st August 2021

Do You Need To Get More Out Of Your Business? FREE 45-Minute Consultation For Owners Seeking Rapid Performance ImprovementAre you frustrated that your business is not delivering what you feel you deserve? Are you attracting the wrong clients, struggling to demonstrate the value of your offerings, or consumed by the daily operations of your business?

Whatever stage your business is at, don’t worry - there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Working with a trusted, experienced partner will provide you with new insights and a drive to focus on those strategies that will make a tangible, long-lasting difference to your business.

I recognise that all businesses are unique, and business owners are competent and knowledgeable individuals with the qualities required to succeed. But reaching out for support is a key strength.

I look to gain a deep insight into the business in order to provide practical guidance and support that will add real value. That is why I only work on a dedicated, one-to-one basis with my clients.

A business consultation with me is the first step in building a relationship for success. I will provide tangible, practical advice and identify areas to deliver rapid and sustainable results.

Contact me on 07801 233293, e-mail or connect and message me on LinkedIn at to secure your FREE session.


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Offer from: Ecoprod

Free water saving consultation for your business premises

Ends: Saturday 28th August 2021

If your business has interest in saving water with all of the associated benefits in cost saving, sustainability and the knock on carbon reduction then get in touch! We can offer you a free 1 hour consultation with one of our experts who will visit your business premises to conduct an audit of your water use and offer some recommendations and options for reducing your water consumption (and waste) going forward.

Contact us at to book


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Offer from: Pyrford Financial Planning

Retirement Planning: Free book

Ends: Saturday 7th August 2021

Retirement Planning: Your guide to financial freedom.

This book takes you through the key stages of the retirement planning process and helps give you peace of mind and clarity at this important life transition:

This book covers the following areas:

Person: Establishing the cost of your current and desired lifestyle.

Plan: Building a financial plan to evaluate the feasibility of your goals.

Product: Creating an investment engine to deliver the returns your financial plan requires.

Withdrawal strategy: Constructing a withdrawal strategy and the various 'levers' that can impact your plan sustainability.

DIY or pay for advice: Key topics to cover if you are a DIY retirement planner. If considering paying for financial advice, how to find an adviser that best fits with your needs.

The book website and a free downloadable chapter can be found here.

Please contact me with your address if you'd like me to send you a copy.


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Offer from: Herbalife Nutrition

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample pack

Ends: Tuesday 31st August 2021

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample packFeel the difference when you have a healthy balanced breakfast. More energy, better concentration. Get a free Wellness Profile - body fat, muscle, hydration, metabolic age. Time and location to suit


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Offer from: HR Dept Woking and Guildford

How can The HR Dept Woking & Guildford help your business?

Ends: Monday 30th August 2021

How can The HR Dept Woking & Guildford help your business?How is your business doing? You may be in growth mode or recovery mode but you need to ensure that your people planning is geared towards achieving this.
Understanding the best way to improve productivity means knowing what is needed. This is where the HR Dept Woking & Guildford can help you make the right decisions that will support your business.
In an uncertain world, we provide our clients with certainty relating to the right support and guidance. So many employers are not getting advice to take the correct steps, even those with in-house HR teams are getting it wrong!
Don't make a mistake that you might regret and that could be incredibly expensive for your business.
If you want to discuss, happy to have a call, please get in touch on 01483 603001 or email.


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Offer from: The Talbot

Summer Afternoon Tea for 2 for £32

Ends: Thursday 12th August 2021

Summer Afternoon Tea for 2 for £32Enjoy a delicious Summer Afternoon tea @ The Talbot for two including a glass of Pimms per person.

PDF Download


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40 years in business

Ends: Thursday 19th August 2021

40 years in businessAre you looking for a good garage that you can trust? FIELDS CAR CENTRE in Goldsworth Road has been serving Woking for over 40 years.
Voted "Garage Of The Year"
Whether your car needs an MOT - SERVICE - REPAIR we can help.
Maybe you haven't used your car for a while due to lockdown and want to make sure it's ok -
Just give us a call or book online - 01483 766634 or


Offer Code: WokingChamber FIELDS CAR CENTRE_210128

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Offer from: Core Value Services

Improve Posture and Core strength and feel fitter and good!!!

Ends: Saturday 31st July 2021

Free trial for online Pilates or Yoga session or 1-2-1 Fitness Pilates for a Full bodywork and strong core!!!
Classes and 1-2-1 sessions available

Offer Code: WokingChamber Core Value Services_170629

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Offer from: Turpin Barker Armstrong

Why you should seek early Insolvency advice

Ends: Tuesday 10th August 2021

It is vital to seek insolvency advice at the absolute earliest possible time if you or your business is struggling with Debt. Watch our Video explaining why this is the case.


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