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Offer from: A-HEAD for Success

Breakthrough Session

Ends: Friday 31st July 2020

Breakthrough Session• Feeling discombobulated following the Covid Crisis?
• Is it becoming more difficult to put on a brave face?
• Are you worried about the future?
• Does it all feel like pushing a big boulder up a steep hill?
• Not sure what to do to bring things back?
• Or even if you want to be on the same track?

A crisis is an opportunity for a breakthrough. And no better way to experience one than through a facilitated process with an expert : a completely confidential, intensive 1:1 session to offload, gain perspective, and a clear way forward – whether in your personal life or in your business.

To survive in chaos means learning to adapt, evolve and grow, not simply survive.

Survival isn’t enough. Giving up isn’t an option. Hope is not a strategy. A breakthrough session is way to get your life and your business on track, stronger, wiser, more success with less stress.


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Offer from: Herbalife Nutrition

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample pack

Ends: Thursday 30th July 2020

Free 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Sample packFeel the difference when you have a healthy balanced breakfast. More energy, better concentration. Get a free Wellness Profile - body fat, muscle, hydration, metabolic age. Time and location to suit


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Offer from: CLEANER MOVE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Ends: Saturday 1st August 2020

Commercial Carpet CleaningCommercial Carpet Cleaning for offices, restaurants and professional environments. Ask a free quote from us and take advantage from our special offers.

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Offer from: Core Value Services

Zoom Pilates session £5 and free beginners guidance

Ends: Friday 31st July 2020

Zoom Pilates session £5 and free beginners guidanceA workout you can do from the comfort of your home (or from wherever you are in the world) a safe environment and no travel time, traffic disruption etc… you can even listen to music of your own choice during your workout!
The classes are all live online. They require no gym equipment. A mat is great if you have one, a block or thick book might you need it to sit on and/or one or two towels
Please find dates/time below: Tailormade 1-2-1 sessions and corporate well-being sessions available on request please contact or call 07941220815

Tuesday’s 5.45-6.45pm

Wednesday’s 11 – 12 noon Chair Pilates

Friday’s 11- 12 noon

Saturday’s 10 – 11am

Here’s a quick description of our Zoom Pilates classes and about Pilates:

Pilates is a good core workout followed by stretching for a challenging yet relaxing workout. Pilates exercises are designed to take you through progressive stretches and mobilising major joints combined with great core engagement.

Chair Pilates Come and experience a full body workout class and work on cardio and core using a Chair. Suitable for everyone and for the more mature adult. Chair Pilates can also be used for rehabilitation after surgery or injury.
How it works
• Book by email, text or phone or text or call 07941220815


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Offer from: HR Dept Woking and Guildford

Beyond lockdown - so what next?

Ends: Friday 28th August 2020

Beyond lockdown - so what next?We all know that the 'new normal' will be challenging and will be different for each business
At the HR Dept Woking & Guildford, we are not only support business growth but also recovery.
If you are unsure about the next steps for your business, we can help you define what it means in regard to your team.
There will be tough times ahead as well as prosperity eventually, let us help you get your business back on track!
If you want to discuss, happy to have a call to provide guidance, please contact me on 07392 311318.


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Offer from: Turpin Barker Armstrong

Viability Review

Ends: Monday 24th August 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly hit our economy hard. We are able to offer practical support and act as an impartial but knowledgeable sounding board, as you weigh up both your business and personal options – helping you to realise your short, medium and longer term objectives leaving you in a stronger position to move forward.

Contact us for FREE expert advice, no obligation.

Follow the registration link below to schedule a telephone call via our bookings App. Or call now on 020 8661 7878


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Offer from:


Ends: Friday 31st July 2020


Contact Nicky on 07802256523 to discuss our virtual events capability, or small group hire, enabling you to have a professional set-up to broadcast your event globally, safe distancing, self-contained studio suite with bathroom and tea room, separate entrance and use of garden.

Garden hire available too along with food packages, delicious bespoke, safe boxed options

Offer Code: WokingChamber Woodhaven.space_200615

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Offer from: Red Sentence Ltd

Business Digital Growth Packages

Ends: Thursday 30th July 2020

Business Digital Growth PackagesSave 10% when you sign up for one of our new digital growth packages for a minimum 6 months.

The packages are designed to help provide you with great content which will not only help with your website’s SEO, but also add value to your social media accounts.

Each package requires a 2 hour alignment session, during which we will discover your main objectives and create a strategy for your growth. Following on from this we will perform a full SEO audit of your website along with a keyword research session.


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Offer from: Collaborate

Office bubble space

Ends: Monday 10th August 2020

Office bubble spaceCreate your new office 'bubble' and work from Woking's longest running flexible work space.

We've created safe work spaces for you. Offering single desks or offices.

350 trains per day access to Waterloo

Vibrant work space with friendly colleagues


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Offer from: Solar Office Support

Secretarial Support on a Pay As You Go basis

Ends: Friday 31st July 2020

As we start to move into a new normal, the focus on getting businesses back up and running is vital. Let us look after the administration while you focus on building your business.

Here at Solar Office Support we can help with all aspects of secretarial support. Remote or office support available to suit your needs.

You only pay for the time you use.

We are offering a discount to new customers, so please quote the code SUMMER2020 when you contact us.

Contact Gilly or Christine on for more information


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