30th Nov 2015

Greg Dyke speaks at Springhouse event

Greg brough tears to their eyes

Greg Dyke, Chairman of the Football Association and former Director General of the BBC was joined by local business leadership coach and international speaker David Taylor to speak on Managing people - in the real world. This took place at the annual Springhouse Employment Briefing at HG Wells Conference & Events Centre on Thursday 26th November.  The event was organised by Woking Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Woking Borough Council.

The meeting was opened by Ben Power, managing partner at Springhouse Solicitors, a specialist employment law firm based in Woking and Chichester. Ben pointed out the importance of having a more ‘hard-nosed’ agreement when people join an organisation, a time when both parties are still in the traditionally friendly ‘courtship’ stage so that if or when things do go wrong, it becomes far easier to reach an amicable agreement.

Greg Dyke spoke about the importance of bringing people with you when you are a leader and this he certainly did when he ran the BBC. In fact it was recalled that when he resigned from the BBC, the employees in their thousands campaigned for him to stay and many of them had tears in their eyes.

He pointed out that the BBC job was easy – they gave you 3 billion pounds that you didn’t have to go out and fight for and all he had to do was spend it, whereas the new job at the FA was totally different, in that he knows what he wants to do but the Premiership clubs have the money and the power. He dearly wants to develop young English players to help build a strong England team for the future but with foreign owners owning the big clubs they had no interest in the success of England, and with managers lasting an average of 2 years, they weren’t prepared to spend time developing players because they probably wouldn’t be there to reap the benefit.

David Taylor said that everyone had everything they needed within them to achieve what they wanted.  He said that persistence was the key and that when one failed, it was essential to try again and again, but each time look for a new way to overcome the challenges.

The meeting ended with questions and answers and was very well received by everyone attending.