19th Jun 2015

ISL Surrey achieves top level of Accreditation

New Chamber member receives unprecendented recognition

The International School of London (ISL) Surrey has received an unprecedented third accreditation for the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), achieving the highest level, Mastering, in all nine areas of the review


In awarding the accreditation, IPC Head Sarah Brown said that ISL Surrey “is the first school to achieve three IPC accreditations.”  To date, ISL Surrey is the only school in the world to have achieved this milestone.   
Commenting on the report, ISL Group Managing Director Amin Makarem noted that “this has been a momentous year for ISL Surrey in that it has achieved this re-accreditation at the IPC Mastering level, as well as successful verification visits for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.  We are delighted that the school’s efforts in providing such an enriching learning experience are evident to all and that all the hard work has been recognized externally for the third time.”
The numerous observations in the accreditation report demonstrate the entire school community’s engagement in learning.  Highlights include:

  • “The language of learning was alive and deeply embedded throughout ISL.”
  • “It is evident that ISL has a deep commitment to the development of international mindedness.”
  • “Throughout ISL we observed evidence of age-appropriate practices supporting the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills and understanding.”
  • “Parents described ISL being part of their ‘extended family’ and that doors were always open to welcome them in and share in learning.”
  • The accreditation team “observed a wide range of formal records of learning which reinforced skills in Language Arts providing students with opportunities to use and demonstrate different multiple intelligences.”
  • “All ISL staff meetings are dedicated to sharing deep insights into learning and brain research and teachers discuss different views and perspectives in order to reflect on their own understanding of how children learn best.”
  • “Parents spoke about how their children’s confidence had grown and how they are developing life-long skills that they had not personally developed until much later in life.
    An ISL Surrey student captured the essence of the report in the observation, “The one thing I’ll take away from this school is a real love of learning.”
    To read the full copy of the accreditation report, consult the school’s website:

ISL Surrey accepts students from age 2, from Nursery, through the IB Diploma.  The school is well known for the quality of its international curriculum and for its award-winning mother tongue languages programme.  The school currently teaches 17 languages.   For further information on the ISL Surrey or its IPC or IB Programmes, please consult the website,  Every day is open day at ISL Surrey.  To schedule a visit, telephone 01483-750409 or email