Straight to the truth

Individuals: Healing modalities and spiritual readings enabling you to access the map of your life. Companies: 3 month programmes for staff recruitment, employee retention & engagement.

❤️ Spiritual Business - Straight to the Truth

Did you know that the sound of your birth name can be analysed and reveal the map of your life, including your purpose?

A spiritual private reading enables you to:

*Understand and expand your natural talents

*Manage and overcome the challenges in your life

*Understand your relationship with others and identify the clashes and resonances

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STTT Corporate

What do I do?

3 month programme covering staff retention, team cohesion, conflict management and staff engagement.

How do I do it?

Unlimited access to my bespoke "GSM"personality assessment and up to 3 additional ones.

Audit, individual session and group sessions.

Simplified reports with analysis, recommendations and support.

Creation or audit of the sourcing/delivery teams of Recruitment Companies

Over 20 modules available covering assessment, process implementation, training and coaching sessions.

Services provided on a daily basis with multiple working patterns to suit your needs. ?

Talent acquisition support? with my bespoke personality assessment "GSM" Genius, Speciality and Masterpiece in order to ask sharp questions on softskills during the interview process.

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